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WEDNESDAY Apr. 16, 02:30 PM Burt 204

Title: On regularized geometry of loop spaces
Mikhail Movshev SUNY Stony Brook

Function Theory Study Seminar

THURSDAY Apr. 17, 03:30 PM CW 143

Title: Geometric and analytic quasiconformality in metric measure spaces
Marshall Williams Kansas State University

Math Education Seminar

MONDAY Apr. 21, 10:30 AM Willard 025

Title: Developing pre-service teachers' understanding of fractions through problem posing
Chepina Rumsey Kansas State University

Analysis Seminar

WEDNESDAY Apr. 23, 04:30 PM CW 120

Title: Sobolev implies doubling
Diego Maldonado Kansas State University


TUESDAY Apr. 29, 2:30 PM CW 102

Title: How to Draw Trees, and Why
Steffen Rohde University of Washington

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Recent News

16th annual S. Thomas Parker Mathematics Competition

April 2014

The winners of the 2014 S. Thomas Parker Mathematics Competition are: Jessica McCall, mathematics and biology major, Topeka, first place; Natalie Davis, chemical engineering major, Hutchinson, second-place tie; and Yichao Zhang, chemical engineering major, China, second-place tie.

Joint Math Open House activities 2014

April 2014

This year the I-Center, the Math Club and the Graduate Program inaugurated joint Open House activities in Cardwell Hall.

2013 Putnam Competition results

April 2014

The Kansas State University team finished in the top 25 percent among the 537 colleges and universities and 4,113 students participating in the 2013 Putnam Competition.

OPEN HOUSE DAY - Department of Mathematics

April 2014

On Saturday, April 5, join the activities hosted by the Department of Mathematics in Cardwell Hall.

Professor Auckly is working with colleagues to develop a mathematics outreach program in the Navajo Nation.

April 2014

Capture the flag, the game of set, tesseracts, solar ovens, the braid group, water balloon fight!!! It is the Navajo Nation Math Circle (NNMC). Middle school and high school students from all over the Navajo Nation are encountering math from a new angle these days. The program, which has been very successful in other areas across the country, is finding success on the Navajo Nation as well.

Kansas State University students receive Goldwater Scholarships

April 2014

Kansas State University students Max Goering, senior in mathematics, McPherson, and Christine Spartz, junior in chemistry, Ellington, Conn., are the university's newest Barry M. Goldwater scholars.


April 2014

The Mathematics department has hired two new tenure-track faculty members, Tanya Firsova and Bacim Alali. Both Professor Firsova and Professor Alali will join us in the Fall of 2014. The department received 390 applications for the two positions and is very pleased with the new mathematicians who will be joining us.

Mathematics Students Travel to the Kansas Collegiate Mathematics Competition

March 2014

Melissa Coats , Vance Gaffar, Max Goering, Joshua Klarmann and Fernando Roman will travel to Emporia State University to compete in the Kansas Collegiate Mathematics Competition.

New Faculty Hire in Analysis:

March 2014

The Department of Mathematics is pleased to announce that Tanya Firsova of Stony Brook University will join us in the Fall of 2014 as an Assistant Professor. Firsova works on holomorphic dynamics, Teichmuller theory, multidimensional complex analysis, and dynamical systems.

New Faculty Hire in Applied Mathematics:

March 2014

The Department of Mathematics is pleased to announce that Bacim Alali of Florida State University will join us in the Fall of 2014 as an Assistant professor. Alali models and analyses complex phenomena using multiscale methods for PDEs and integral equations, homogenization methods and optimal design of composite materials, computational mechanics of heterogeneous media, non-local theories, and fracture and fragmentation in composite materials. Alali also works on the mathematics of climate, fracture and melting processes of sea-ice, computer vision, and image processing.

Is Math Real?

February 2014

Editorial published in The Ohm Newspaper, by Kayla Davis, a student member of the Mathematics Department staff.

Andrew Bennett receives Haimo Award from MAA

January 2014

Professor Andrew Bennett will receive the MAA's Haimo Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching at the Joint Math Meetings in Baltimore in January.

I-Center scholars finish 2012-2013 research projects

May 2013

Nine math undergraduate students and four math graduate students were awarded I-Center research scholarships during the 2012-2013 academic year. They are finishing up their research projects.

Vincent Pigno receives Presidential Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

May 2013

Math Graduate Teaching Assistant Vincent Pigno receives the Presidential Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching. The purpose of this award is to recognize excellence in teaching performance in the undergraduate program, and to provide an incentive to achieve that goal. There are four $2500 awards made each year for excellence in undergraduate teaching. One of these awards goes to a graduate teaching assistant.

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