Where is matlab?

There are several Matlab resources on campus and in the Math department.

Campus UNIX

Using your KSU eID, you can ssh to unix.ksu.edu.
(If you are on a unix machine: ssh eid@unix.ksu.edu
 If you are on windows, use an ssh client)

At the UNIX prompt, type: matlab

Math/Physics Computing Lab

In CW41, all the machines have matlab installed (for educational instruction only). The instructor for your course should be able to provide you with the user/password.

Remote use / KSU students

To access Matlab Remotely you can visit Connecting to UNIX Servers to use Graphical Software.


The PC in CW201 has matlab (For Mathematics Graduate Students/Faculty/Staff only).

Mathematics Windows Server

The Mathematics windows terminal server has matlab available. (see top of help page) (For Mathematics Graduate Students/Faculty/Staff only)

Learning Matlab

Here is a little something I've thrown together about learning Matlab

The help system on Matlab is fairly extensive, but if you need manuals you can check them out from the Systems Administrator.